no offense kyle

23 10 2009

There is a woman who has recently shown up in my life and the only way I can get through the day is replacing “Kyle’s mom” with her name.


unicorns and change

22 10 2009

Could I just share this site with y’all? It’s got some wonderful artwork…maybe we could blow some of the images up and throw them in the front stairwell?

whatcha think?

– Nic


22 10 2009

Hey does anyone have a camera I could use? I need to steal some shit from the library archives. – Nic


20 10 2009

hi. my name is nic. i was molested.

19 10 2009

I got a nice haircut today from a wonderful witch named Anna at Cloud 9 on Oakland. The cost is $10 for students, but I also gave a $5 tip and got molested. I’m not saying she didn’t mean well, and her 30+ years experience was apparent in the final product, but her undead appearance, shaky hand, and penchant for overly friendly touching was not what I usually look for in a hooker. I mean hair stylist. -nic

Eefray Otatopay Olesay

8 10 2009

You didn’t get this link from me, and for that matter, by the time you click on it it’ll already be too late, but something really special happens if you click here. Unrelated, it helps if you know where the Southridge Mall is. Here’s a hint: it’s the mall in Greenfield. -Nic

Cali 420

8 10 2009

Not that this is news, but pot legalization gains momentum in California, which is a good step towards boosting the open economy, lowering drug crime (particularly along the border) and gang profits, and reducing the number of people in prisons. Legalizing weed would make it a taxable product, like tobacco and alcohol, and it is an incredibly profitable and large sector of the economy which is currently completely on the d.l. Because a large amount of gang violence and profits can be attributed to marijuana, legalizing and regulating it would reduce each, and would free up parts of the prison system and local judiciary’s dockets. This would allow a reallocation of crime prevention resources such as money and manpower to go into focusing on ‘real’ crimes, and into other sectors of the government, such as education and health care. Even if these monies don’t get redistributed, we could expect a lower individual tax burden, because of both the money saved by not trying to enforce marijuana laws, and because of greater sales and business taxes from reputable pot dispensaries, as is the case currently in California. Plus, who has ever heard of THC-related violence? Alcohol causes bar fights and domestic violence, but what does weed cause? Good neighborliness? – Nic