The Splatterhaus

3 10 2009

I’m really excited for this haunted house. It was by far the best one Ive ever been to. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it yet. I already asked off a lot this month and I could really use the hours at work. But anyways everyone else should definitely go!



2 10 2009

There was quite a spike of activity the other day.  I wonder what made this happen?  53 views or something… thats a new record.

No one posts on this except for Nic really.  Matt D and moser suck, no effort what-so-ever.

Anyway, cabin trip is sneaking up on us.  Sounds like Matt, Joe, and Corey are coming up Friday.  This means that Moser, Nic, Kyle, and myself are leaving Thursday night.  There are no exceptions, and if you’re still a maybe, you could potentially get replaced.  THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT.


1 10 2009

Check out this funny site that my friend Emily sent to me…..

According to Google

29 09 2009

How long does…

…weed stay in your system?

Although its effects usually wear off within a few hours to a day, marijuana, or more precisely THC, can stay in your body for a variety of time based on the amount that is smoked or ingested, how often it is used, and how fast a person’s metabolism. Usually a minimal testable amount would be burned off within thirty days, although urine tests can detect THC up to ninety days after the most recent used. HOWEVER: because hair is simply dead cells, THC can’t metabolize and it will remain in hair for as long as the hair is long, thus up to three years. Short answer, stop getting baked and get a haircut you dirty hobo.

…it take to get a passport?

The State Department is claiming that they will get a passport out routinely within six weeks from the time the application is received or within three weeks if the application is expedited. From personal experience the amount of time can vary considerably, from just a couple weeks, to several months during backlog, so if you need it, reasonably give yourself half a year, just to be safe.

…alcohol stay in your system?

Normally, alcohol will be metabolized by the liver within ten to twelve hours by an average sized, healthy drunk individual. This can vary depending on body mass, gender, and most importantly, how one’s liver is functioning. For an alcoholic whose liver handles large quantities of alcohol often, there might be a backlog simply because the liver is weakened, and can’t process it as quickly. In extreme cases, alcohol can still be detected in the blood up to a week after the last drink is drunk.

…it take to get pregnant?

I’m not really sure what this means, but let’s assume that it’s asking how long it takes a woman having regular unprotected sex to become knocked up. In this case, after about four months, she has a 50/50 chance of being pregnant, and after a year, about a 90% chance. After that if she’s still not pregnant, she just doesn’t want it enough.

…sperm live?

This is another quite ambiguous question. In a vagina? In ideal conditions, they can survive for about five days, but realistically any that haven’t fertilized an egg within the first day or so probably won’t, and will soon die. On a guy’s stomach? They can live until about the point that they dry out, so according to the magic internets about an hour. Of course, why a guy has a live baby juice colony just chilling on him for an hour or more, I can’t fathom, but whatever floats your boat.

…implantation bleeding last?

Apparently when a woman becomes pregnant, she’ll bleed for a period of time shorter than her menstrual bleeding. The correct answer is barely at all to two days.

…xanax stay in your system?

The effects of Xanax can last for up to six hours, side effects being a different story, although it can be detected in urine for up to seventy two hours. Of course, if someone is concerned about failing a urine test, it shouldn’t matter as long as they have a valid prescription.

…nicotine stay in your system?

The answer for this is similar to that for weed, although usually it is metabolized within a couple weeks. Crack is whack.

…vicodin stay in your system?

Seriously, how many drugs are Google users on? There is no way these aren’t all mixing with disastrous results. Vicodin’s effects can last from four to eight hours, side effects more. However, the hydrocodone can be detected up to seventy two hours after the last use. According to online forums, probation officers will ask their clients if they have taken any pain medications up to five days prior to testing, implying that that is the unofficial government line is that you will be effed up for five full days.

…it take to boil an egg?

There are various answers, from five to fifteen minutes, although it is certainly affected by size, egg temperature, and importantly, altitude. In somewhere high add a few extra minutes to account for air pressure differences. Except Amsterdam. You can boil an egg normally there.

– Nic


29 09 2009

I skipped my twice-weekly excursion into the ghetto to get a real job. Hopefully this will work. Seriously, why the hell do they require you to have a valid address to sell blood? It’s blood for Christ’s sake! I mean, they already test it for the hiv, and they already know about my gonorrhea… (funny, if you misspell gonorrhea, spell check’s second suggestion is northeast…damn Canucks). But why do I need an actual address? What if I’m homeless? I already can’t get a job without an address, or an address without a job for that matter, so why can’t I at least stoop to selling all I have, my body to whoever can use it? It’s bullshit!

Thank god I do have an address though, because it has allowed me to apply for jobs. I’m getting sick and tired of job hunting, so I’m getting serious. After spending some good time reworking my resume, after Corey ripped it a new one for sure, and dressed all perdy in khakis, a button-up, and black shoes, I was ready to turn my applications from Bayshore in. Barnes & Noble, Journey’s, Pacsun, Cheesecake Factory, H&M, American Eagle, Bravo!, Williams-Sonoma, and Kohl’s. All of them now know the secrets to my soul and can affect the outcome of my life. Oh god. I hope they all call. They want me. I know it. – Nic


29 09 2009

We NEED handsoap.  Someone please get a refill???


26 09 2009

If you look at the number of views per day, they are slowly going down.  Is the diary room dying????  Who are these people that Nic is bringing over?  If that one that he doesn’t know starts stealing stuff i’m going to be pissed.  The world is such a mystery right now.

I spent most of my day in my room doing a few homework things.  I need Matt D to be here right now because i need his help with laundry and stuff.  Where the fuck is he???  He didn’t tell me he was going anywhere.

This ebay thing is off to a slow start.  I haven’t been able to post any listings because I need to wait for some things to get there.  My goal is to buy things in bulk and then sell them in, not bulk i guess.  I still need more ideas of what to sell though.  Any ideas at all????????????  On top of that, I need to get a graduate program in mind… Anyone???