Cali 420

8 10 2009

Not that this is news, but pot legalization gains momentum in California, which is a good step towards boosting the open economy, lowering drug crime (particularly along the border) and gang profits, and reducing the number of people in prisons. Legalizing weed would make it a taxable product, like tobacco and alcohol, and it is an incredibly profitable and large sector of the economy which is currently completely on the d.l. Because a large amount of gang violence and profits can be attributed to marijuana, legalizing and regulating it would reduce each, and would free up parts of the prison system and local judiciary’s dockets. This would allow a reallocation of crime prevention resources such as money and manpower to go into focusing on ‘real’ crimes, and into other sectors of the government, such as education and health care. Even if these monies don’t get redistributed, we could expect a lower individual tax burden, because of both the money saved by not trying to enforce marijuana laws, and because of greater sales and business taxes from reputable pot dispensaries, as is the case currently in California. Plus, who has ever heard of THC-related violence? Alcohol causes bar fights and domestic violence, but what does weed cause? Good neighborliness? – Nic